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Vastu Shastra is the new additions in CSR (Corporate social responsibility) of the Corporates after Meditation for the interest of the Company and the well being of their employees.

Corporates are increasingly encashing on Vaastu Shastra and Feng Shui principles to perk up its Balance Sheet. And India Inc is climbing the Vaastu value chain as it embraces magnetic fields, energy flow and pyramids that are seen as impacting company performance. It is not just traditional Indian business houses that swear by Vaastu, but also new economy businesses.

Vastu Shastra is the ancient Vedic philosophy of planning and architecture. Indian companies and MNC’s do not mind to shell out a few lakhs to get the Vaastu right in their offices, manufacturing facilities, warehouses etc. “Many corporates, both Indian and multinational, want to ensure Vaastu compliancy for their new constructions right from their residence.

To rectify Vaastu flaws in existing constructions, they are even willing to go for solutions like placing pyramids, wind chimes, Laughing Buddha etc. or going in for structural rectifications.

In fact, few companies are willing to demolish a part of the office or even change the location to ensure Vaastu compliancy.

MNC’s, who come to India are more particular about Vaastu in their offices, because of the benefits derived from this wonder science.

While MNCs are brushing up on Vastu, traditional Indian business houses have progressed to the next stage where factors like magnetic fields, the sun’s movement and energy flow are considered before beginning new construction.

The importance of Vaastu can be seen in making websites and also for Logos of companies and it’s product. The instance can be seen with a cold drink manufacturer whose sales graph rose after going in for such changes and the misfortune to two airlines which were grounded due to this flaw.

The Corporates are in love with the Vaastu Mantra. Some swear by it while others hate to admit it. But because most people are western educated they feel it will project an inward looking image in a Hitech World when everyone is looking west-wards. 

In short Management in the Corporate India and MNC's are generally adaptive to various superstitious beliefs themselves and that of employees and does not restrict them from practicing it at work as long as it does not negatively affect productivity and higher productivity & performance based output is reflected by the radical application within the corporate circle.

# Vastu Shastra is the latest additions in the CSR of the Corporates and has become a thing of acceptance among the Industrialists and the MNC's on a priority basis for the well being of all in India and Abroad.

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